Saturday, September 19, 2009

Racing with Time...

I usually walk from home to office and office to home. Its about 20-25 mins walk. During this walk, there are so many thoughts that cross my mind. And I feel ‘oh…this is something I should write’. But by the time I come home and find time to sit on my laptop and I completely exhausted. And all I can think of or can write is SLEEP!!!

Life has still not settled down in the new routine and the new environment. But it will. It has to. I am still struggling to find time to do everything that I want to do. Time is running soooo fast for me. For last one year, I was complaining about time not moving at all or moving too slow. And in comparison it seems to be running to too fast here.

No I don’t want it to slow down. I need time to learn run faster. And I will because I want to.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello from Mumbai!!

Heeeeeeeeloooooooooooo !!!!!

I am back.. I am back.. I am finally back. :D and that too from MUMBAI!!!

Its been a week since we landed. Mumbai is beautiful as usual. And with the rains that we got along with us from Winnipeg, its even more beautiful. Seems like it was not raining at all a week before but this whole week its been pouring n pouring n pouring. Though we havent got a chance to have cutting chai and garam garam bhajiya we are planning to do soon...

Our family is really happy that we back but very unhappy or you can say absolutely sad when it comes to our weight reduction program. :D Both the moms are hyper and have decided that they are going to do everything which will help us put on weight :D :D And to make sure that I don't put on any weight, I have already enrolled in the gym. :) (I don't have to say, I was forced to it at the earliest... you all must have guessed that)

Sanket and I are struggling to settle down in the routine. It is difficult and different for both of us. Sunday morning we landed, took kind of rest on Monday and joined our respective work on Tuesday. In my case, I have been on a year long vacation. To sit in the office for the whole day (without youtube, raaga, musicindiaonline) seems a bit difficult. :D Even for Sanket, he had proper working hours in Winnipeg. He use to go at 7:30 and would be back by 5-5:30. But here, he leaves around 9:30 and comes home only at 9:45-10:00. :( But then we are fine with this. This is something we knew about and we had accepted.

So as you can tell, this first week here in Mumbai was pretty hectic and so the delay in posting my 'HELLO!!!'. Hopefully my further posting will be here soon... Hope you all (who are following my blog) are still checking on the update and have not given up.

More later....