Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!!

New year is here… and one of my many resolution is to write a blog at least twice a month. It is not a forceful decision that I have to have to do it. But it is something I want to do. Just that I was giving excuses to everyone reading this blog and to myself that I am falling short of time - “Time hi nahi milta”. Not that this is not true. It is true. I hardly get time to do anything that I really want to do and so this resolution. A resolution to find time to do what I like and enjoy and something that makes me feel good. This resolution also includes reading books. I have decided to read at least one book a month or may be in 2 months. But the whole point is to read a book.

Keeping to my resolution I am writing this blog. First blog in the year 2010. J Also I am reading “The White Tiger” these days. It is slow book but it is not the book I want to just leave because it is slow. It is a kind of book that I want to read till the end and know what happens. Once I finish this I will write about it. Hope it doesn’t disappoint me. J

I hope I can keep up to my resolutions in 2010. And wishing everyone good luck for the same!!


  1. Happy New Year to you too. I like this resolution of yours:)

    I did not get through 'The White Tiger' ( I tried the audio book), so am looking forward to your post about it.

  2. Go Kavs!! I like your resolution and the clarity behind it.. "its not just a chore but something you wanna do" which is the most critical part.. do things that you love and love what you do.. to show the real you...

    I haven't resolved anything for 2010 as usual.. but there are few personal goals that I surely would like to see to achieve :)

    Good luck!!

    U know who it is haha