Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amul - The Taste of India

I follow the Amul advertisement. I love them. They are just great.. to the point. Here is the new one.

India's poor performance against South Africa in the on-going Cricket World cup - Mar' 2011

You can follow the Amul advertisement here..




  1. I love amul chocolates. And this is such a cool link. I used to like Amul chocolates better than Cadburys. Its been a bit since I have had either:)

  2. Me tooooooooooooooo :(.. Well not Cadbury ;) once in a while I get Dairy Milk (raisin n nuts) hehe.. I get the small ones so I can sneak them in the fridge hahha

    Kavs this is a good link :D tussi great ho!!

  3. :) I was talking about the advertisement. You both are talking about chocolate. :P Thats why you both are my dear friend. :D
    I dont remember eating Amul Chocolate. I think I need to go to the market.